Hi, my name is Dorcas and I started after two years of looking at web-sites that told me there were only 2 Bed and Breakfast establishments in Thurso, my home town.  I found this really annoying as people would leave these sites with a terrible impression of the area.  I decided to create a site that would leave people with a realistic idea of what they would find in an area.

Scotland Index is designed to allow all advertisers to promote themselves and in particular their specialties. Small businesses are having to specialise more often to stay in business. This site aims to bring the corner shop to the world and especially to the rest of Britain!
My aims are:
1.To provide a source of information which is easily accessed by all.
2.To provide affordable internet web-space to all small businesses in Scotland in an easily understood format.
3.To allow the Scotland-Index viewers an easy to use system with visual aids. All pages follow a 'template' that will ensure uniformity and ease of use throughout the site. You can contact these advertisers in most cases directly by email, by using a booking form or by telephone or fax.
4.To update the site daily where possible with new pages and amendments.
5.If you have any comments about the site or content, please feel free to contact me on any of the addresses below:


Weydale Farm South

Mobile: 07940 388055