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About GeoCaching?

GeoCaching is a fairly recent sport started in the United States.  It can now be found in over 160 countries world-wide!  Anyone with a GPS can take part and it is basically a good excuse for getting outside in the weather!  A bit like a treasure hunt!

It is great for families and can also be played by the disabled.  

What happens is that a GeoCacher hides a (usually) tupperware box of goodies, takes the co-ordinates using their GPS and posts the information on a web-site, normally  The Cache is rated according to the type of terrain that needs to be crossed and how hard it is to find.

Caches normally have small items in them, my caches usually have an item suitable for each member of the family, i.e. toys, cross-stitch charts, jewellery, tools, watch, etc. there are normally five or six items in a cache.  There is also a log-book which you are asked to fill in.

The finder takes out one item and replaces it with an item of their own.

Travel Bugs are also found in caches and these often have a destination or an aim to their travelling.  If a cache is found with a travel bug then the bug can be removed and taken to another cache which helps it on its way.  Travel bug removals must be logged on the web-site.

All in all Caching is fun.  You can choose your cache (if you are in an area with lots of caches) with respect to the amount of exercise that you want, have a good walk with something at the end of it!

All cachers are asked to respect the environment, private property and historical/archaeological site.  There are rules for geocaching which can be found on the web-site.

Since taking up the hobby, I have started to hide caches in the areas that I work in.  Watch out for the GeoCaching symbol to see where I have been hiding caches!  All in all it's about having fun and getting a bit of exercise at the same time.