What to "See and Do" in and around Keiss

This part of the coastline was a favourite landing place of raiders and pirates from Norway and Denmark.  Local people devised methods to thwart the raiders, one of which was a beacon on Warth Hill, a blaze at night when raiders were spotted and a smoke beacon in the daytime.  This early warning system allowed locals the chance to hide their cattle and valuables.  It is thought that the name 'Warth' comes from the Old Norse "vartha" meaning "to watch".  On top of Warth Hill you can also find a large bronzed age Cairn.  It is said to be 57 feet in diameter and was excavated in 1870.  About 120 yards South of this Cairn is a grassy mound which could be a second, smaller cairn.  

Geocache hidden on Warth Hill!

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Keiss Harbour

A very pretty harbour.  

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Keiss Castle - Old and New


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Auckengill - Harbour Broch

Just before the Northlands Viking Centre there is a sign pointing down towards the sea, marked Harbour Broch.  Follow the road to the parking area at the bottom.  Here you will find a small harbour, a picnic area and a broken down "folly".  The folly was built by local sculpture John Nicolson.

Unfortunately it is not well looked after.  However, there is a gate and path to another "folly" also created by John Nicolson.  This one is in slightly better condition, but no signs to say what it is.

The good news is, that, behind this - toward the sea, you will just be able to make out a path which has been worn into the long grass - here you will find the real treasure - hidden in the long grass is a broch consisting of three concentric circles - it has been excavated and would be impressive if you could see what it was!

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Auckengill - Northland Viking Centre

Beware!  Vikings in Caithness!  Explore the Viking heritage of Caithness at this visitor exhibition and audiovisual display of Pictish, pre-Viking and late Norse archaeology of Caithness.

June to September, Mon to Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

The Old School, Auckengill. Keiss, by Wick. Telephone: 01955 607776


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Northern Martial Arts Studio