Thurso Disabled Swimming Club

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The club meet at Thurso swimming pool every Wednesday at 6pm and welcome anyone with any sort of disability.  

You do not need to be registered disabled to come and join in!

Children and Adults are welcome.

Arthritis sufferers, people with limb injuries that need to be exercised, MS sufferers, learning disabilities, stroke victims, people who suffer from Mytonic Dystrophy, in fact, anyone who needs the pool exercise and would like to take the exercise in a safe environment with trained assistance is very welcome.

There are three qualified tutors/aid to the disabled, Ken Melhuish (also the Treasurer), Betty Fry and Jimmy Crossan (the Chairman).   

Parents:  Please accompany your child - you do not need to enter the pool, but if your child needs help dressing then you need to be available.

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The pool is well equipped with a hoist as well as steps which are specially designed for use by people with physical disabilities.

Both the hoist and the steps are being modelled by tutor Ken Melhuish.

The club does not run during the summer school holidays!

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