Caithness Tora-Kai Karate Club

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It's all change for students of the Caithness Karate Club (pictured above) following a grading by Kenny Taylor (5th Dan) on Saturday 7th April. 

All forty-three students who sat their grading passed, which allows them to move up a grade and so wear the next colour of belt.

The gradings were as follows:


No of Students Kyu Belt Colour
12 beginners 9th Red Belt
2 6th Green Belt
4 5th Purple Belt
1 4th Purple/White Belt
1 3rd Brown
1 2nd Brown
2 1st Brown/White Belt

Kirsty and Jack (both 1st Kyu) now need to train for a minimum of one year before being eligible to sit their junior 1st Dan (Black Belt) grading.

Karate is a highly developed physical art, which makes use of all parts of the body in a dynamic system of self-defence.  

It provides excellent all-round physical exercises, suitable for men, women and children of all ages. 

Karate is an excellent way to keep physically and mentally fit.