The Seaboard Villages

The Seaboard Villages are tiny villages which run along the coast and tumble one into another.  

Here you will find a thriving community with a good development group, a wonderful Pictish history and beautiful shore walks.

The harbour is busy and the people are friendly.  A lovely place to stay and central to a lot of local history.

The Telephone Code is 01862

What to "See and Do" in The Seaboard Villages
Hilton Balintore Shandwick

The Seaboard Village Services

Bed and Breakfast Telephone
Rowchoish East Street Balintore - Email 832422
Balintore Hotel East Street Balintore  832219
General Stores
General Store Balintore
Commercial Inn Balintore
Improvements Association
Seaboard Community Development Group
Seaboard Improvements Association Seaboard Memorial Hall Balintore
Fish and Chips
Seaboard Villages Fish and Chips 832252
Hilton Balintore Shandwick
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Pictish Stone
This is a replica of one of a series of high quality stones found in the area.  This particular stone has been carved by Barry Grove and he is still working on the other side of it.  The original stone is housed in Edinburgh Museum.  This is a beautiful piece or work and is set on the site of an ancient chapel.
See the website.

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Associated Presbyterian Church Hilton.
Minister:  Rev. John Ross
Lords and Day Services
11:30am and 5:00pm
Bible Study and Prayer
Wednesday 7:30pm
All Welcome

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Activity Park

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The Community Centre

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United Free Church of Scotland
Minister:  Rev. Donald MacKenzie
Sunday Services: 12 Noon and 6pm
(crèche available at noon)
Sunday School: 2:30pm
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
Wednesday 7:30pm
All Warmly Welcome

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Church of Scotland
Fearn Abbey and Nigg Parish Church
Minister:  Rev. John MacGregor
Sunday Services
(Fearn Abbey)
Morning Worship - 11:30am
Sunday School - 11:30am
Evening Services-Abbey - 6:30pm
(First Sunday of Month)
All Welcome

shandwick-stone2.jpg (14793 bytes)
The Shandwick Stone is under glass and not very easy to photograph.  I believe this may be the original stone and the intricacy of the carving is wonderful.

shandwick-stone.jpg (17037 bytes)
The information boards at the stone are very good supplying lots of details about the stone and the Picts.